They didn't see the app order so we had to wait a bit.
Amazing job! I loved the customer service as well! Eye contact and a genuine smile go a long way! Thank you!
Best crab rangoons I’ve ever had! I never liked crab rangoons before these. Everything I’ve had here has been delicious and the portions are very generous.
Thank you for the AWESOME FOOD. I know who will be my new take out place. You give generous portions, so im not hungry after, and the price is great too, so im not paying a fortune for the food. Feed all 4 of us for 2 days, cause i thought it was not going to be that much. THANK YOU KEEP IT UP!
Food Excellent as usual. Service fast and everyone welcoming and nice. Food hot and ready on time. The only thing is when I got home I didn't have my Mountain Dews and didn't want to go back to get them. So I consider the free egg rolls they gave me paid for and didn't call to get a refund on the sodas. So when you pick up you might need to remind or ask about the beverages since it is something they probably don't sell much of. Love the Chicken wings and Spring egg rolls. Didn't care more for Toast Pork Egg roll, it didn't really have a taste and you can't tell it was pork at all. I also prefer the Spring roll wraps fried to the egg roll wraps.
The service was excellent, the food was hot and ready to go at requested pick up. Love the food. They stuff their container and give you plenty of meat, which is a plus. No skimping and making the customer suffer for it. The cost is reasonable. Reminds of the good old days when all the restaurants use to give you plenty of food for reasonable pricing. Glad to see China Gourmet isn't following the trend of smaller portions for higher prices! Thank you!
When is it going to get here
Any questions please call us.